Thursday, August 2, 2012

Already a Butterfly

I am excited to share with you guys a new music video that was just released this week! The song is by Cherie Call and is called "Already a Butterfly". As you'll see, this is such a cute video with such profound words! The song has a fun catchy beat too! I love many of Cherie's songs, one of my favorites is "No Ordinary Girl" from her album The Ocean in Me. A few years ago I remember seeing her perform at Time Out For Women...she was VERY pregnant and I couldn't believe she was there, singing in front of hundreds of women and sounding as amazing as ever. She has such a calming tone to her voice that I return to often! Back to her new song....

 "You don't need a cape if you're already a butterfly. Butterflies fly through the sky without a care in the world. I wish you could see as the years go by that no matter what you're still that little girl. And its easy to believe you're beautiful when you're three years old. But when fifteen comes around I hope that you still know, butterflies fly through the sky without a care in the world!"

I love that the message from this song teaches us that we are who we are, and we shouldn't change it. We don't need a cape if we are already a butterfly! So often we (at ALL ages) feel that we need to be something else to be wonderful, but if we can all remember to be as a butterfly and fly through the world without a care in the world we WILL be wonderful! How much different would this world be if we taught this to all our children and helped them believe it....and if we remembered it ourselves.

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