Thursday, August 16, 2012

Music is FUN!

I love discovering new music, and I have recently discovered a great cd for my kids! As a matter of fact, ever since we got this cd a week ago, every day, the second we get in the car my two boys ask for the music to be turned on and get upset when I have to turn it off! This new music album, Scripture Power is such a fun cd for kids (and adults!). It is so fun and upbeat you can't help but enjoy yourself and feel good when you are done listening to it. I even caught my 6 year old singing a song from it the other day.

I can not stress enough the power of  music in the life of a child. Music, without even meaning to, can completely change the mood of everyone who can hear it. When I feel the spirit of contention in my home I instantly walk to my ipod and turn on some peaceful music, whether it is my favorite music artists like Mercy River, Hilary Weeks or Cherie Call, or I turn on some Pandora piano music (my favorite channels are the "William Joseph" channel or "Paul Cardall". In the mornings to keep things calm I have started going to my "Sarah Bareilles" channel....calm, but upbeat. The foot tapping, upbeat nature of the songs on this album help us have fun together while we are in the car! I wish we would have had this all summer, it would have been perfect for our many long car rides to the mountains! Check out the link to the album and listen to some of the samples, you'll enjoy it!

Click HERE to go to where you can purchase Scripture Power, it is also available for mP3 download.
HERE is another FUN, kids cd as well, called Popcorn Bopping.

Have a GREAT weekend!

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Catherine and Dennis said...

Thanks for the tips.i love my William joseph CD myself. I listen to it in the car all the time. I' ll check out Paul Cardal.