Thursday, May 31, 2012

This goes to the kids!

I was on my daily (well, nearly daily) phone call with one of my sisters today and asked her for some ideas for todays post. She had a great idea! She said how about something for kids? She remembered a music artist that my kids used to LOVE, particularly Tyler. Her name is Laurie Berkner. She is part of The Laurie Berkner Band. Boy, if you haven't heard of her, and you have kids, or work with kids, you are MISSING OUT! I totally forgot about how much my Ty loved listening to her music and watching her music videos when he was 2. I have many videos of he and his cousin dancing to her music....I'll even share one today!
I feel that music is crucial in the healthy development of children, which is why I have music playing almost all day, every day. It teaches them creativity, how to have FUN, teaches them patterns, beats, oy, I can't list everything! Take time to play some music for your kids sometime, you'll be suprised the fun time you can have with them!

Some of my (and my kids) favorites from the L.B.Band are I'm Gonna Catch You, The Goldfish, and We Are the Dinosaurs- as with most of her songs, they are songs that you can join in on the action, kids love it and adults have fun joining in too! You can find her on YouTube and watch a ton of her videos, she is also on NetFlix! Perfect activity for when its just too darn hot (or too cold!) to play outside!

Grab your kids and start dancing!

and here's one of the fun we have had with Laurie Berkner at home!

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Jenn Lee said...

way fun! She has such a fun style of music. I was so excited when I saw her on netflix. :) Man, T. is so little there! Feels like yesterday!