Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Rachael Lampa

Have you heard of Rachael Lampa? Me neither, until a few weeks ago. A friend of mine from highschool (Nicole Broome...I blogged about one of her songs HERE) was doing a "giveaway" for tickets to a Rachael Lampa house concert she was hosting. I was curious, so I googled her...and WOW, I am SO glad I did! I wish I lived in NC so I could have entered to win some tickets!
She has an AMAZING, unique, fun, soulful voice. I LOVE it! And sheesh, she is gorgeous too! Rachel was in the music scene a few years back when she was younger, and was exploding with success, but decided to stop. You can really tell that the time off taught her many things and helped her mature and realize the true purpose of music, to uplift others. I'm so grateful for fresh, new music artists that truly LOVE the talent God has given them! Some of my favorite songs that  I've discovered are "Remedy", and "When I Fall". She has both "secular" and "christian" music, which I love.
One of my purposes for this blog is to introduce others to music artists, as well as force myself to look outside my normal favorite few, I hope you take some time to check out her WEBSITE, I think you'll like what you find! On her website, under Media, she has a few videos you can watch. In the meantime, check out this acoustic performance of "Remedy"!

(*Update...I thought she looked familiar, and now I now why, I just discovered she was in the group called "The Collective" on last season of "The Sing Off"!)

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Do you have a favorite music artist/song that uplifts you that I might like too? Please leave a comment or email me so I can check it out!!!

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Krista said...

Rachel Lampa is actually one of my all-time favorites! I sang her song Blessed in church when I was younger :)