Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Its been a rough few days for me. Really rough. Just one thing after another "going wrong". After a good breakdown/cry session on the phone with my sister I felt better, picked myself up and moved on. A clean house top to bottom was first on the list....it won't last very long, but it always helps me to have a better attitude about things, and handle my patience levels better too! Something else I noticed was my Ipod was missing from its dock for a few days (almost 2 yr old decided to put it in big brothers backpack...not a place I think to look!), and that meant no music for a few days! I was pondering this today and came back to my conclusion on how powerful music is. I play music during the day, almost always, to keep an upbeat mood, and keep the spirit in my home. I didn't have that for a few days and I felt it, so did the rest of the family. I still have my few favorites, namely Mercy River, Nichole Broome, and Hilary Weeks...I also listen to "Headphones" by Brit Nichole a lot now too (my previous post), its such a FUN song! What are some uplifting songs or albums you enjoy listening to, to keep an upbeat attitude?

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