Saturday, October 1, 2011

"In the Meantime" by Tyler Castelton, Staci Peters

I've had this song on my play list for quite a while now, but never really, truly listened to the words. I had music playing as I packed my apartment recently so I'd have something to keep my mind occupied and to keep the kids calm and quiet (which sometimes works...and sometimes doesn't). This song came through the speakers and caused me to stop what I was doing and just listen. Wow. It spoke right to me. I felt like this song described me so well. There are often moments in my life when I think about what my dreams were as I became a teenager. When I was younger, my dreams of my future changed many times, but always revolved around music. When I was in middle school I always said I wanted to teach Elementary School Music classes. When I was in my high school Chamber choir we had the opportunity to be part of a half-time show for the Carolina Panthers. Before the show we had to go to a recording studio to record the song ahead of time (in large stadiums they often play a recording on top of the live singing). It was such an inspiring experience that I had decided to pursue a degree in Sound Recording Technology at BYU. I knew from that time that I wanted to open a Sound Recording Studio on the east coast for LDS music artists (and other Christian artists) who wouldn't have the opportunity to record their great music, and be known, otherwise. I didn't get into BYU my Freshman year, but I applied again and got in my Sophomore year. That's when things changed....through God's hands I met my husband within the first month I was at school. My first, and last date at BYU...that is a huge accomplishment! ha! We got married 2 years later (another huge accomplishment at BYU, since most courtships and weddings happen in less than 6 months time), and moved to Arizona to start his career. I didn't finish school, but plan to one day. My dreams have changed. In the meantime, as the song says, I am a mother, daughter, and a wife. Doing my best to teach my children what's right, to be there for my husband, to be the kind of daughter and sister my family can be proud of. We talk all the time about when I can go back to school. I'm not sure what I want to get a degree in anymore, but I do know I want to get one. I love how the song says "hours turn into days, that turn to years that never end". There are some days that I think will never end with all the frustrating demands placed upon me, but other days I feel just flew by in the blink of an eye. There are those tiny moments of motherhood that I feel my Heavenly Father blesses me with to remind me of my purpose and remind me that he is proud of me, and that he knows I have other dreams, but, in the Meantime I have another purpose. In the Meantime. 

In the Meantime
By: Tyler Castelton, Staci Peters
          In her heart she holds the dreams
That she’s carried since the day she turned thirteen
Of all that she would be when she was grown
Of all that she would do when she was finally on her own
She dreamed she’d fly
She’s still waiting for the chance to try
In the meantime she’s a mother and a daughter and a wife
Doing all she can to stay above the daily grind
And she wonders when she’ll ever have more meaning in her life
She doesn’t know she being molded and refined
In the meantime
Someday she’ll go back to school
When the carpools and the soccer games are through
Because deep inside she still the girl who’s always felt the fire to make a difference in the world
She dreams she’ll soar when she finally has the time to do more
But in the meantime she’s a sister and a teacher and a friend
Hours turn into days that turn to years that never end
And she wonders when she’ll ever really find herself again
She’s becoming one on whom god can depend
In the meantime
Heaven feels the joy of every victory in her life
And Heaven hears her heart before she cries
And somewhere in the middle of the triumphs and the trials
She’s becoming sanctified
But in the meantime she’s and answer and a blessing and a gift
To every empty aching heart that only she can lift
Still she wonders if she’ll ever get to see where Heaven is
If she could only see her mansion waiting there
If she could only feel how much her Father cares
She would know she’s being perfectly prepared
In the meantime

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Jenn-Lee at Moments said...

Hillary sang this right? I love this song. Thanks for the reminder. Its easy to often think of what my goals and dreams were back in the day and feel a little off track. But really I am not. I am on track and doing what I need to be doing. Thank you! Love the new look too!