Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Every Step

I had the great opportunity to finally hear Hilary Weeks in person at Time Out for Women a few weeks ago and she did not disappoint. She sang a few songs from her new album "Every Step", which was released this week. There has never been a song of Hilary's that did not inspire me.

I love the song "Dancing in the Rain" from her new album. Not only does it have a fun beat to it, but it reminded me that no matter what rain, or trials, fall upon us we can choose to watch it happen and sit around waiting for the sun to come out, or we can get our umbrellas out and go dance in the rain! As the songs says, I can "Let it fall off my back....I danced...I looked for the good....I let my heart take the lead and told my hopes to get back up again...I danced in the rain."

Another one of the songs from her new album is called "Beautiful Heartbreak". Such a beautiful song that teaches that you can make heartbreaks beautiful, and you can learn and make the most out of the trials you go through. I love how the song takes you on a journey up the mountain of heartbreak that sometimes lands right in the middle of our mapped out plans. She sings that the journey to the top is the price we pay to see the view. I  know so many people on different parts of the journey up their mountain of trials. When a mountain is placed in my path, I hope that instead of praying for God to take it all away, I can remember that trials can become beautiful.

 Here is the music video to "Beautiful Heartbreak", enjoy.

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Jenn-Lee at Moments said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE this new song and video! This video made me bawl at one point. :) Great thoughts. :)