Thursday, November 1, 2012

Just Like a Father Would

I know my last post was a lot about Mercy River... this one will be too, sorry! Time Out For Women in Salt Lake City this past weekend was streamed LIVE for free! I wasn't able to sit at the computer all day to listen, but for the 15 minutes I was able to, I was glad some of it was Mercy River! They sang this song, a song which I've heard many times before, but this time, it spoke to me. Maybe it was the story they shared before the song began that really caught my attention, because it was something that happens in my life daily...these are similar thoughts they shared, that were my thoughts exactly.

We all know we aren't perfect, and we all make mistakes daily. My most common mistake is losing my patience with my children (afterall, they are in the majority of my day). Then, as I hear them giggle, or walk in to check on them before I head to bed the guilt settles in. I see their innocent faces sleeping so peacefully and I am once again reminded that I am not perfect, and I have a lot to work on...which can be overwhelming for us all. It's at that moment that I feel the love of my Father above. He reminds me that its okay. He knows ME and my weaknesses, and reminds me to keep on trying to be better. I say a silent prayer to Him, thanking Him for those 3 sweet beings, and their health, and ask him to forgive me for my shortcomings. The next day I am faced with the same trials of patience and hopefully each day I do better.

Here's a picture of me and my dad from this past spring. I love this guy SO much. I'm definitely a daddy's girl. He has taught me SO much, and continues to each and every day. He and my mom have been through so much, and are great examples to me. Things don't always go right for them, but they pick themselves up, dust off, and continue on in faith. I'm thankful for my dad's example, and inspiring words that he's given me through out my life as I learn, and grow.

(you can look up this song on iTunes and listen to a clip of it,
it is so peaceful and thought provoking, go look it up!)

 Just Like a Father Would

From the Mercy River album Higher

You always know when I’m drifting
When I’m lost or I’m hurt
Somehow you know the pleadings of my heart
Before I’ve spoken a word
When I fail You’re there
To catch me and say
I know you did the best that you could
Just like a Father
Just like a Father would

You gently show me my weakness
And then You teach me how to change
And though I wander on my journey
Your love always remains
When the heartache comes and I’m devastated
Somehow You turn it for my good
Just like a Father
Just like a Father would

Your heart breaks when my heart is breaking
Because You’ve been down this road before
When You desperately want to rush in and help
You know I have to learn these lessons for myself

You know the burdens I carry
How they’ve built up like a dam
You help me see the mistakes I have made
They don’t define who I am
You softly whisper when it’s time to let go
When I hold the heartache longer than I should
You believe in me
You love me perfectly
As only the Father of my spirit ever could
Just like a Father
Just like my Father would

With today being November 1st I encourage you to write down something you are thankful for each day of the month, I will be, and I know it will help me be a better person as I concentrate on my blessings instead of what I am lacking. Today I wrote that I am thankful for my children. They drive me crazy daily, but just as often they make me laugh and love.

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