Tuesday, September 11, 2012

We Are America

I can't let this memorable day pass by without making note of it. September 11, 2001 will forever be etched in our hearts. The exact moment, the exact place we were standing or sitting in, the exact emotions we went through- we will remember every bit of it. I'm forever thankful to live in this amazing country and pray every day that we will have leaders that can guide us righteously in the way he intended this country to be. I am thankful for the public and military service women and men that protect my family every day. Here is a great song, sung by Jessie Funk, written by her husband.

We Are America

Calling America, Alex Boye


Catherine and Dennis said...

Thank you, Tiffany-Joy. Beautiful and very appropriate post. Could not do better. I love the songs you shared.This is a Blessed Country. Let's hope we can always retain all of the freedoms we enjoy therein.

Melissa Dobbs said...

Beautiful post! The music touched my soul and increased my faith and devotion to our great country! Thank you for sharing!