Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Music speaks what words can not

Music has always been my passion in life. Music is what keeps me ispired and uplifted. Ever since I can remember I have always enjoyed singing. I know I gained that love for music from my parents, specifically my mother. My parents used to always sing to us, and were always in church choir. When I was younger my mother was also in community groups. Our parents ecnouraged each of us to learn how to play an instrument when we were old enough, and we all did. Some of us chose string- violin for me, viola and cello for two sisters. Some of chose wind- flute for two other sisters, and some of us chose brass- trombone and trumpet. A few of us picked up a little piano along the way as well.

I always made choir my highest priority throughout school, and the performing arts in general. In middle and highschool I attended a magnet school for the Visual and Performing arts, along with my sister and two brothers. Being a student at this school I was given so many oppurtunities to do things many other students never get the chance to do- half-time shows for the Carolina Panthers, singing the National Anthem for the Charlotte Hornets (multiple times), some students were even chosen to be backup singers for an award winning singer (I can't quite remember who it was, darn). Our school also had the oppurtunity to perform a yearly musical at a theatre in downtown Charlotte, and were able to work right along with the union workers at that theatre. These were just a few oppurtunities that we had! In highschool I also, along with my brother, was a member of the Charlotte Youth Oratorio, and learned so much from that!

As I said, music has always been my passion in life. Music has always spoken to me in ways that no plain words could ever do. Whenever I am in need of inspiration, comfort, or peace I turn to music. Music is how my Heavenly Father speaks to me, and how I am able to share my testimony with others. This blog will be where I can place my thoughts inspired by music I listen to, allowing others to feel that inspiration as well. Enjoy!

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Dennis said...

What a wonderful expression of love. I first learned of the true uplifting power of classical and sacred music in France. I was introduced to Leonard Bernstien's lecture series "The Unanswered Question" which proved to be an enlightening experience that has shaped my love for music for the past 38 years. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts. Dennis